Fletcher and Mare now available for pre-order!

When I wrote The Way of the Dhin, there was  a plot line that my editor suggested I cut out. At first, I didn’t like the idea. I was very attached to the characters. I gave the idea careful consideration. “It’s not like I can’t put it back if I want to. I’ll do it,” I decided. The narrative thread of Fletcher and Mare’s run-in with CoSec and an AI was set aside.

It’s a decent tale in its own right, I felt. My wife agreed. I respect her opinion, and she doesn’t just go along and hand out participation trophies. She’s a tough critic. So, a few months after the release of The Way of the Dhin, I decided to finish editing it and release it as a novella. The style and content, when divorced from the main plot, is rather different. It’s much more a cyberpunk tale than the first-contact and alien-encounter genre of The Way of the Dhin.

It’s out now for pre-order on Amazon!

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