The Way of the Dhin now on Kindle Unlimited…

So, I decided to try Kindle Unlimited. Amazon pushes it pretty hard. I was skeptical, but they let you do a few things behind the scenes that you can’t do otherwise. That comes with the “risk” that all the Kindle Unlimited readers grab your book for “free”, and then you only get paid when they actually read the book, paid per page. I was worried that people would just download the book into their pile of collected books, and never read it. Well, I was wrong! People have read several thousand pages already! (That means the majority of the Kindle Unlimited folks vs regular purchasers have finished the book!)

So that’s nice.

This did mean that I had to have the book available exclusively at Amazon, so it’s not available via the Nook right now. That’s not a problem, just a change.

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