Still working on The Home of the Dhin, I promise.

Yes, I’m still working on The Home of the Dhin. I’d hoped to be done last year, but sometimes life gets in the way. I’m close. Well, close for some definitions of close. 100K words. A few thousand more to go, I think, to wrap up the story. Then a re-write, the much-beloved process of editing, and so forth.

The next few months, though, it will be more challenging than normal for me to get that done, as I’ve got some work with my day job that may make slow things down some more.

Kindle Scout success.

Well this is exciting. It’s something I hadn’t planned for. At all, really. Kindle Scout picked up the sequel to The Way of the Dhin! The Power of the Dhin is going to be published by Kindle Press. To add to that good fortune, they reached out to me and said they’d like to pick up The Way of the Dhin too, and re-release it!

So now I’ve had my first and second books picked up by a publisher. Sure, they’re an e-book publisher, but that doesn’t have the sort of “limitations” it would have years ago. E-books are the present and the future. What would have been a minor thing a few years back is a big thing now.

We’ll see what they’re able to do using the magic of Amazon promotion and algorithmic wizardry.