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The Power of the Dhin

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6/19/19 – Some thoughts by John L. Clemmer on whether a writer’s views are the same as his characters’.

4/12/19 – Yes, I’m still working on the third book, The Home of the Dhin. It’s going slower than the first two. You can keep up with my progress on my facebook page.

The Power of the Dhin has been a tremendous success. Thanks to everyone for your support!

Release date for The Power of the Dhin is October 24th, 2017!

The Power of the Dhin won on Kindle Scout! Kindle Press picked it up, and wants to re-release The Way of the Dhin too!

Fletcher and Mare, a Dhin universe novella is on Amazon!

The Way of the Dhin is available now at Amazon!

Find out more about the scientific underpinnings of the Dhin’s tech!

And now it’s available in print at createspace!